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long time friend Bert, photographed in his living room in Schwetzingen, Germany some years ago, next to a ceiling light, photographed in Potsdam.

L’Imagerie : about acrobats, animal tamers, beard wearing women and magicians

I just ran through my archives (like I did for my last bloglog) and I realized that I never spoke about the project “l’imagerie”. l’imagerie is a light and playful project initiated and supported by the very crafty Cédric Malan (decorator and props) and Flora Malan (costume and props), both founding members of the Association “Factota”. The idea was to set up a small tent and to turn it into a photo-studio as some were back in time. : a stage where a few selected peoples dressed and made-up into very typical circus artist characters such as the acrobat, the animal tamer, beard wearing women or magicians. At the very first moment of finalization, Flora and Cedric asked me to work on the first tryouts of their traveling photo project. We inspired ourselves from the holy bible of circus history “The Circus. 1870s–1950s”. A huge book weighing a ton, retracing American circus history from 1870 to 1950. In May 2010, we made the first test in a hangar before the small tent arrival. The studio then became itinerant. The same year we were to be at the festival “Promenades photographiques” in Vendome. Unfortunately the festival lost some sponsors in the last minute. Several more sessions were held in 2010, before my colleagues and friends Gilles Guerre and Cyril Bramie replaced me. Ever since this project did his little way without me. Well, here are some pictures of the premises as well as the links to the project.

Paris to Berlin

About a year ago I went back to the one of the greatest city’s I ever lived in.

This taste and this smell will never let go of me. Berlin, I miss it.