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Summer chronicles from France #4

I spend my last weekend with all-star friends Cheptel Aleikum, for the 24H of barbecue somewhere in the center region of France, testing this homemade kind of funicular above some wild brambles…

It almost went well !

Now I’m back in Paris, shoveling all this small assignments other photographers can’t do while enjoying holidays !

I’m kidding… have fun my friends :-) See you soon.

Les 24 heures du barbecue à Choue.

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Summer chronicles from France. #3


Cabo da Roca, 2nd of June 2015.
The westernmost extent of continental Europe in the Portuguese municipality of Sintra, in the southwest of the district of Lisbon.

Cabo da Roca


Cabo da Roca


Cabo da Roca


Cabo da Roca


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long time friend Bert, photographed in his living room in Schwetzingen, Germany some years ago, next to a ceiling light, photographed in Potsdam.